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Terms and conditions for Little Wonders

The following conditions apply to all business with Little Wonders.

The terms and conditions of sale and delivery for Little Wonders shall apply to all orders, unless the terms are dispensed by a written agreement. The terms of sale and delivery will change
periodically and without any notice.

Placing orders

The retailer can place orders on clothing the following two ways:

  • Seasonal collection orders are placed by sending the attached order form by e-mail to salg@littlewonders dk
  • Basic item orders are placed on the B2B platform or by sending an e-mail to
    Seasonal collection orders will be confirmed 14 days after the deadline for placing orders for that
    specific season. Orders placed on the B2B platform will be confirmed within 48 hours. If anything
    is sold out, this will also be communicated within 48 hours.

Order minimum on seasonal and basic items

First time orders should be at a minimum of DKK 5000,00 ex. VAT. Following orders should be a minimum of 10 pieces.
Seasonal orders also should be at a minimum of DKK 5000,00 ex. VAT. All styles are shipped in a poly bag with 2 items per style/color/size.

Order Confirmation

All orders are final when Little Wonders confirms by sending an order confirmation. When the
order is confirmed, the buyer can’t cancel, change or postpone the order without a written consent from Little Wonders. Such amendment of cancellation, change or postponement must be
communicated in writing to Little Wonders. In case of acceptance from Little Wonders, the customer shall pay 40% of the order value within eight (8) days from the cancellation date.
Little Wonders will be entitled to cancel the confirmed order exempt for liability of any kind or to demand provision of a fully adequate bank guarantee.


All prices are ex. VAT and under the reservation of rising prices of materials, work wage and legislative changes, unless other written agreement is stated. Our wholesale prices are indicative, but we recommend however that the retailer follow the price list. The retail prices of products will always adhere to the current price list at Little Wonders’
website unless other has been agreed. If the retailer wants to give special prices or discounts on Little Wonders products, related to a promotion or sale, the retailer will pay any discount given.

Payment Terms

First time orders: prior to shipment. When the payment is registered, the good will ship. Returning retailers: eight (8) days.
Properties of the product belong to Little Wonders until it is fully paid for by the buyer. Property rights, copyright and other legal rights to the product belong to Little Wonders, who is also entitled
to act if the buyer breaks the purchase agreement.

Little Wonders ApS
Bøgeskovvej 5, 3490 Kvistgaard
VAT No. 42554634
Nordea Bank Account:
Reg No. 2445 Account No. 4387519179
IBAN DK0320007560814814


Little Wonders ships all deliveries. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, all shipping is done at the buyer’s expense, insurance and risk. Every effort is made to find the cheapest shipping cost. For retailers outside Denmark, Little Wonders will send shipping prices to accepted before the goods
are shipped. In case no acceptable shipping solution can be found by Little Wonders, it will be the
customer’s responsibility to find shipping and arrange for it maximum 10 days after shipping proposed by Little Wonders has been rejected. Little Wonders takes reservation for delays of the goods. Delays in delivery do not entitle the
buyer to cancel the purchased items unless a written inquiry is sent to and accepted by Little Wonders.


Any complaint shall be submitted in writing and must be received by Little Wonders no later than eight (8) days after delivery of the goods. In the event of non-visible damage, the complaint shall
likewise be submitted no later than eight (8) days from when the defect have been ascertained upon careful inspection, however, not later than 3 months after the delivery date. Any complaint
must be specific, documented and contain a precise specification on the contents of the complaint. No returns will be considered without prior written approval from Little Wonders. Handling of customer complaints Any complaint from customers and requests for replacement or refunds shall be approved by Little Wonders prior to further actions. Documentation pictures of the item must be sent to Once Little Wonders has approved the complaint, the item will be replaced
or the retailer will be credited.

Force Majeure

Little Wonders is not liable for failure to perform its obligations in case of Force Majeure. Freedom of responsibility sustains, as long as the force majeure exists.
Force majeure includes conditions such as epidemics, war, riots, civil unrest, government intervention, strike, lockout, export and / or import bans, missing, incomplete or delayed deliveries
from suppliers, labour shortages, currency restrictions, lack of transportation or any other reason, which are beyond the supplier’s control, which has the effect of delaying or preventing the
production and delivery of goods. If one or more of the above circumstances temporarily prevents timely delivery, delivery time is postponed for the period force majeure exists. If delivery is prevented for a period longer than three months, Little Wonders is entitled to cancel the placed order.

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